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 About us

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Meet Our Team

Ramon Aixemeno, the Head Coach of Full-Time Sailing, boasts over 30 years of experience in high-performance dinghy sailing. Throughout his career, Ramon has played various roles, including sailor, coach, tutor, and mentor. He has traveled the world, delivering sailing programs to sailors, coaches, clubs, and federations.


Sergi Noé, Co-Founder of Full-Time Sailing, has been immersed in sailing competitions since his youth. As an Events Director and Project Manager, Sergi's enthusiasm and expertise in producing events worldwide for brands like Red Bull and Nike bring a unique dimension to the FTS sailing community.


Virginia Ramírez is a High-Performance coach who works with elite teams to improve cooperation and optimize performance. As a soft skills trainer, she complements the team with her knowledge and passion. Virginia is also currently researching a PhD about the Metaverse.


Together, we have built a vibrant community of sailors, coaches, and brands, all while refining our skills and knowledge.

Navigating the Waves of Change

Although our company name is new, our long-standing history of working with sailing champions and organizations remains strong. We are here to transform careers, embrace change, and celebrate the sailing culture.

Our Philosophy

At Full-Time Sailing, we believe in the power of passion, determination, and community. We are all about high performance, fair play, personal growth, and environmental stewardship. Our mission is to inspire and empower the next generation of sailors to live their dreams and embrace the sport of sailing to the fullest.


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Ramon Aixemeno


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Sergi Noé

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Virginia Ramírez

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Sport Psicologist Expert


Florian Trittel - ESP

From Ramon I worked  hard and efficiently in my transition from helming to crewing.

He make's me understand how important is a crew at modern sailing.

He coached me in optimist, 29er and Nacra17. 

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Jordi Xammar - ESP

He organize the best clinics with another top coaches and sailors in Miami, Paracas (Peru), Puerto Rico, Canary and Balearic Islands,  Roses Bay.... always windy and amazing spots.

After some years he also coched me in 49er, before I jumped to the 470. 

And besides coaching me , he give me very important advices and recomendations in my Olimpic pathway.

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Albert Torres - ESP

I  know Ramon since I was optimist sailors.

He was my coach at the worlds.

And some years later he manage all my transition form 420 to 49er, and reducing a lot the learning curve.

He is one of my coaches nowadays.

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Elias Aretz - ESP

Ramon make me realise how important is to adapt technique and settings to the wind and waves changes.

Also to understant the relation between boat speed and drag in a fast boat like a 49er.

I've never put that much attention to the transition from displacement to planning as I did thanks to Ramon.

He coached me in Optimist and 49er.

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