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KLIMA boat 
The Next Generation in Sustainable Boat Building

Introducing the KLIMA Boat design, an innovation in sustainable boat building. Created to match the exact hull measurements of the traditional Optimist IOD 95, the KLIMA boat is an eco-friendly design, crafted using recyclable resins and natural fibers.

Yet, our commitment to sustainability does not compromise performance or safety. The KLIMA model has only two parts to assemble, substantially reducing manufacturing costs and environmental footprint. 

On land, the KLIMA boat is an easier boat to manufacture, on water it’s a more sustainable and safer boat that also offers better features and performance.




Built from recyclable resins and natural fibers, the KLIMA promotes green sailing.


With only two parts to assemble, the KLIMA reduces manufacturing costs compared to traditional designs.

Safety & Performance

Maintains safety and offers superior features and performance on the water.



The KLIMA Boat Is made with the exact shape of the IOD 95 Hull but assembled with a new deck that reduces one part to assembly compared with IOD 95 Optimist Design ( 3 parts).

Built with recyclable epoxy resins, linen fiber, basalt fiber and recycled PET as foam.

This makes KLIMA a more sustainable and cost-effective option.

Wanna join the revolution?

We are here to help you sail green! Together, we can reduce the floating footprint of sailing

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    The KLIMA Optimist is perfect for young sailors, sailing schools and aspiring winners, committed to promoting sustainability and circular economy practices.

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    This project is led by the Barcelona Capital Nautical Foundation, in partnership with GLOOERS Technologies, Sailing Technologies, MEL COMPOSITES, NAAIX, JM Surf & Roll, ANEN, Club vela Ballena Alegre and FULL TIME SAILING. 

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